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Our doctors are ready to help you with your glasses and contact lens needs. They will make appropriate recommendations as they pertain to your personal spectacle prescription.  If you suffer from double vision, they can assist you with a prescription for glasses that will in most cases eliminate these symptoms. Cleburne Optical has a wide selection of frames and lenses that can accommodate most budgets.  Their inventory of frames offers stylish, yet affordable eye wear that should satisfy the most discerning of tastes of the fashion minded. We offer lenses such as Tri-vex and Transitions along with many other types of lenses for your convenience.  Our licensed opticians are experienced in assisting patients in the selection of frames and lenses.  They are always ready to lend a hand with minor adjustments or repairs that you may need with your current glasses.  Cleburne Optical also has its own optical lab which can make your glasses “in-house.”  In some cases, glasses can be made for you as you wait.

Our doctors routinely prescribe contact lenses that maximize the comfort and vision of your eyes. In addition to disposable contact lenses we fit specialty contact lenses for patients with excessive astigmatism by prescribing toric contact lenses and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.  We also fit mutli-focal contact lenses which allow patients with a presbyopic correction to see at far and near without the need for reading glasses.  We offer competitive pricing on our contact lenses as well.