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Eye Strain

eye strain

If you have ever experienced eye strain, you know how difficult it can be to live with. It can be painful and get in the way of the things you need to do. Eye strain occurs when you use your eyes excessively, and they become tired. Excess use can include long-distance driving, looking at a cell phone all day, or using computer screens during most of your day.

You need to see an optometrist for your eye exam when you have an eye strain. Meeting with our eye doctor can help you learn more about preventing eye strain. Call our Cleburne, TX, optometry office to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor.

Symptoms of Eye Strain

When you have eye strain, there are several symptoms that you may have. These symptoms include eyes that are itchy or feel burning, sore, or tired. Your eyes may be too dry, or they may water. You may also get headaches and see double or have blurry vision. Your back, shoulders, and neck may be sore, and you may have difficulty concentrating. Many patients get photophobia or a higher sensitivity to light. You might feel it's too hard to keep your eyes open when you have eye strain.

Causes of Eye Strain

When you have eye strain, it's a good idea to figure out how you got it to prevent it. For example, if you look at digital screens a lot, this can cause it. People who read for long periods without a break may also develop it. You may get it if you often drive long distances or are consistently exposed to flare or bright lights. If you often strain your eyes to see when it's dim, this can be a significant cause. You may strain your eyes to see well if you have uncorrected vision problems, like nearsightedness. If you are tired or under stress, you are more likely to get it.

Preventing Eye Strain

When you use computers a lot, ensure there isn't a glare on the screen. This glare forces your eyes to work harder to see the screen. Also, if you're looking at a screen or other objects with little contrast, your eyes will strain to make sense of what they see. Avoiding this can help your eyes feel better.

See Our Optometrist

In Cleburne, TX, you must visit our optometry center to see our eye doctor. Whether you have eye strain or cataracts, you need regular vision monitoring. In addition, you may need treatments for glaucoma. Call either office at Cleburne (817) 641-2020 or Glen Rose (254) 898-8733.