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Eye problems can affect people of different backgrounds and age groups. If you’re a Cleburne, TX, resident who needs treatment, we at the Cataract & Eye Center are here to provide our services.

Here at the clinic, we have the equipment and expertise needed to treat a wide variety of eye conditions. Consult with an eye doctor on our optometry team so you can understand the issue affecting your vision. After that, an optometrist at our eye center can get right to work on resolving the issue.

Read on to learn more about the conditions we treat here at the clinic.

The Conditions Your Eye Doctor Can Treat

Despite being a specialized field, the professionals who practice optometry still deal with a variety of issues. Let’s discuss some of those conditions in greater detail below.

Myopia and Hyperopia

Myopia and hyperopia are conditions also known as nearsightedness and farsightedness respectively. To treat them, an optometrist on our team can help prescribe special eyeglasses or contact lenses. Patients in search of a more permanent solution can opt to undergo LASIK surgery if they are a good canidate.


Conjunctivitis is a condition that can cause itchiness around your eyes. It may also lead to the production of discharge that hardens around your eyes overnight.

We can help prescribe the medication that you may need to address that infection.

Dry Eye Syndrome

If you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, then you likely have to deal with discomfort all the time. Your eyes may also be more sensitive to light due to that condition.

We will address your dry eyes as well as the underlying cause of that issue so you won’t have to deal with discomfort any longer.

Computer Vision

The advent of smartphones and laptops has led to new issues popping up in the field of optometry. For instance, computer vision is a relatively new condition that stems from people looking at their devices for too long.

Visit our clinic if you are dealing with computer vision and allow us to present you with a treatment plan that works.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration can rob you of your vision as you enter your golden years. Consulting with your optometrist regularly can allow them to catch that problem early on. Early detection of macular degeneration also paves the way for more effective treatment.


Cataracts can gradually alter your vision until it gets to a point where you are unable to see clearly at all. You can opt for surgery if you want to address your worsening cataracts.

Visit Us for Eye Care from an Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team

We at the Cataract & Eye Center can treat all kinds of eye-related problems. Get in touch with us if you need assistance. Visit our Cleburne, TX clinic so we can get started on your treatment. Call us at (817) 641-2020 fro eye care from an eye doctor at our optometry office.